Welcome to my collection of stories. Of course, there are many more to be told, so be sure to come back soon.

Tall, Short and Faery, by Ziazan

Tales old and new, to be read out loud, in the noble tradition of storytelling... Tales of love and loss, magic and mystery, folly and frivolity... Tales tall, short and faery, for all ages.Ziazan is an exciting young author who trained as a musician and started writing when serious illness made her rethink her life. She weaves wisdom, adventure and humour with a lightness of touch that belies her years


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The Happy Boggart and Other Stories, by Ziazan

Bewitching, whimsical and wise, Ziazan's new collection delves into the rich mix of human lives, and seizes the sparking stuff of dreams. Tales in the storytelling tradition, that uncover the magic and wisdom in the day to day with characters as human as their readers, touched by the enchantment we all wish to believe is just at the edge of our grasp.


For children of all ages.


​To buy a beautiful, limited edition book, signed by the author, click on the 'Add to cart' button.

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The Happy Boggart and Other Stories Audio Book, read by Ziazan

Ziazan reads her own stories, with accompaniment on her harp.

Two CDs.


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Cupcake Zombies, by Ziazan

'Are you actually blogging all this?'  

Of course I am. People need to know what's going on. This isn't publicity for Ferdinand's Fairy Cakes any more, it's a first hand, minute-by-minute account of a historical event in the making.


A strange illness is spreading through Bullerton, and the only people unaffected by it are the only ones not to have eaten any of Dulcie's cupcakes. Can three young women, a cat, a food blog and a shopful of fairy cakes save the day?


After learning that cupcakes and zombies were the most popular subjects of books sold in 2012, Ziazan decided to leap shamelessly on both bandwagons at once, and this is the result: a blend of horror, humour, romance and life-saving recipes in one short, bitesized novella.


Bake for your life!

The Pirate Queen and the Kingnapped King, by Cevanne Horrocks-Hopayian

The King of Suffolk has been Kingnapped! Music, magic, the goodwill of our children, and a Pirate Queen are needed to bring him home.


A delightful opera for time-travelling children that sings the songs of kidnapped kings through history. From Richard the Lionheart to Martin Luther King, from Sayat Nova to the Tsar of Russia, the Pirate Queen weaves music and magic from their songs. This is the book of the show.


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