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I’m an Anglo-Armenian composer and singer from Suffolk (and a harper, if you ask nicely). My work is grounded in the British isles – digging deep into their rich soil, to find artifacts which one would not always imagine to be native.


I am the composer-in-residence for the London Symphony Orchestra and the National Trust at Khadambi Asalache House, in London:


I spent two years as composer-in-residence at Handel House, where Jimi Hendrix lived, too...


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I am a conservatoire trained musician who plays trumpet, piano, clarsach and lute.


I received vocal training from Rae Woodland, Stephen Varcoe and Dame Emma Kirkby. I have single-handedly and painstakingly reconstructed the lost technique of Bel Canto, aiming to start a renaissance of singing as it was in its so-called ‘Golden Age’, and bringing the ancient art up to date for modern music

It means that I can sing like a nightingale, and in fact, I duet with them in deepest Suffolk in early summer.


I also write stories...


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Representation: contact me via Phyllis Tweed


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Photos by Phoenix

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I am a collector of stories and protector of storytellers...

Contact me through my assistant, Ms Benbow